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[tor-talk] Attracting more community input on Tor issues


I often feel a lot of potentially useful input by the Tor community is
lost because questions raised are not communicated well to the community.

Due to its openness, in theory everything is open for comments, and I am
glad it is. I am only talking about the stuff where people don't really
require prior/expert knowledge or a lot of explanation to be able to

Instead of just complaining about it, I want to do help:

I think it would be good to keep the community in the loop by posting
such "requests for comments" to tor-talk, Identica/Twitter and possibly
the blog every once in a while. I understand that each developer is busy
with other stuff, so I am volunteering to collect and distribute issues
where you want broader input. Devs: All you have to do is query me a
link on IRC or Jabber, and I will write a few sentences about the issue
and post it to tor-talk, ok?

I want to do a start by asking for your input on a visualization
question that was raised 6 months ago. I saw it at the time, but
completely forgot to comment on it myself until someone happened to post
it on IRC again today:

Karsten is asking for comments on how exit node diversity and exit
probability should be visualized. He made a few neat graphs, maybe there
are even better ways? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/6443
Moritz Bartl
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