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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden vs Clearnet Services

On 1/29/2013 9:20 AM, k e bera wrote:
> In the clearnet case, operators are accountable for their public promises and by established norms and legalities of internet behaviour.

What accountability? You mean the nice kind policemen in their blue
shirts and shiny Justice-delivering guns?

Sure, the governments of the world only have our best interests at
heart, the police don't serve criminals, and the world is a perfectly
nice place where bad people never get away with anything.

> This is the dynamic with, for example, underground railroads. (Not saying hidden services are necessarily illegal.)  If Tor users are careful, there is not much information the operator would be able to gather and exploit though.

The problem lies in the assumption that laws are written by the people.

They are not. They are written by elite criminals.

The laws are only there to make us feel like Justice is an actual thing.

Justice does not exist, not in this world.

The governments of the world, especially Interpol and other treaty-based
organizations, are not there to protect us, or to serve us, or to make
bad men go away.

They are run by bad men, and they want to exploit us in every
conceivable way.

With that in mind, Tor and Bitcoin are ways for activists and global
citizens to defend themselves from the criminal elite, the governments
that work for those criminal elites, and to build a society that
reflects the values and principles of the people.

People that believe that democracy will ever exist in a society where
activists attempt to "work from within" are deluded.

If you want to replace a plutocratic society, the very first step is
taking the plutocrats out of the picture.

This means revolution, possibly a very bloody one. Anything else is
wasting time.

Knowing that the only solution is a possibly-bloody revolution means
that anonymity is a very valuable thing, and that you should be able to
build trust relationships with people independent of government
authority and regulation.

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