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[tor-talk] Directory Server Decentralization

I just wanted to ask here in Tor-Talk where the efforts to decentralize
the Tor directory servers have gone so far?

How far along is the Bridge Community idea?

How far along is the Directory Server decentralization in general?

How is the idea of breaking up the Tor relay list into smaller groups to
frustrate efforts to block Tor in certain countries?

Has anyone broached the idea of more isolated Bridge communities with
their own independent directories, yet?

What about Directory Community Federation, where independent bridge
communities can share limited relay information with each other, but not
to the public relay directories?

What about the ability to run Tor directory servers on specialized
private OpenVPN networks?

What about the idea of being able to easily create custom "spins" of the
Tor Browser Bundle for use over private VPN networks or special private
bridge relay networks?

What about the ability to run Tor "Gateways" which act as a gateway
between private bridge communities and the relays they use there, and
the public global relay network?

Has any of this been suggested before? If it has, has any work gone into
introducing these features into mainline Tor?

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate any feedback on any of these

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