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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle .deb packaging solution

On 01/30/2013 10:20 AM, unknown wrote:
> Just my personal example.
> I use up to 6 anonymous installations of TBB in one Debian system. 
> They runs in parallel, with parallel runned X-session from different users
> and pointed with iptables to different ports of one system Tor-daemon to complete
> circuits isolations.
> I don't use tor-binaries from TBB and ignore most of Vidalia options (only "new identities" is used).
> And only "transparent mode" in T-button is used. Discontinuing separate Vidalia affect me some way.
> Some of my TBB-profiles not pretend to be strong anonymous and consist and preserve minimum of installed bookmarks and tuned plugins. Another ones complete wiped before replaced.
> Too simple "replace TBB in all homedirs" model complete broke my ways of using tor in Debian.

If you want more than one TBB at a time you won't be able to install
them from the package manager anyway. This is true of all software. If
you want to run more than one apache2 server at the same time, you'll
need to do it manually.

I think it's fine to not worry about this edge case for packaging TBB.
People who want to do that can of course still do it manually.

Micah Lee

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