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Re: [tor-talk] Giving Hidden Services some love

Colin Mahns:
> That was my fault, must've deleted a character by mistake.
> https://github.com/chris-barry/darkweb-everywhere is the right link

Installed and working. (Yes, I read issue #32. What happens now that TBB
updates in place? Will I remain with DWE when a new TBB is released?)

> I'm wondering if a few from the community should take part in a
> nagging effort? I'd gladly throw some time of mine into helping get
> more hidden services. Any takers?

I'll help.

A first call out: Derric Atzrott seems to have a close affiliation with
Wikimedia ... Derric, any thoughts on how to approach the Wikimedia
Foundation and have them run a hidden service?

And I'm pretty sure that there's been some very helpful posts from a
Google employee here before ... can't find anything in my archives just
at the moment.

If there's a pro forma email template for this sort of thing I can try
to adapt it, if not I'll run up a draft and place it on the Tor Project
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