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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is now released!

On 12/31/14 7:27 PM, Nick Mathewson wrote:
>   o Major features (hidden services):
>     - Make HS port scanning more difficult by immediately closing the
>       circuit when a user attempts to connect to a nonexistent port.
>       Closes ticket 13667.
>     - Add a HiddenServiceStatistics option that allows Tor relays to
>       gather and publish statistics about the overall size and volume of
>       hidden service usage. Specifically, when this option is turned on,
>       an HSDir will publish an approximate number of hidden services
>       that have published descriptors to it the past 24 hours. 
Would it make sense to gather also that kind of statistics if Tor is not
acting as a Relay but as a Client with Tor2web Mode enabled?

Because Tor2web gateways provide access from the Internet to a lot of
Tor Hidden Services, so that statistics maybe of interests too to be
gathered in the area of "Tor HS Statistics".

Currently "some stats" is gathered from Tor2web software at application
level, but not from the underlying Tor software:

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