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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is now released!

On Dec 31, 2014 3:03 PM, "Sebastian G. &lt;bastik.tor&gt;" <
bastik.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 31.12.2014, 19:27 Nick Mathewson:
> Happy New Year to everyone.
> Some stuff could have been called "Minor changes" to silence people that
> grep for "bugfix" and count the occurrences, although there were no bugs
> fixed, just changes.

Yeah, it's often a matter of opinion what to call a bug and what to call a
missing feature.

> I'm not complaining about the use of "nonexistent port", although it
> sounded strange to me.
> Since I have nothing else to add or complain about I'd like to point to
> two mistakes.
> >     - When we fail to a retrieve hidden service descriptor, send the
> >       controller an "HS_DESC FAILED" controller event. Implements
> >       feature 13212.
> s/a retrieve/retrieve a
> >     - Clear all memory targetted by tor_addr_{to,from}_sockaddr(), not
> >       just the part that's used. This makes it harder for data leak bugs
> >       to occur in the event of other programming failures. Resolves
> >       ticket 14041.
> s/targetted/targeted
> I'm not using "s" at all, but even if it is wrongly used, you hopefully
> get what the intention was.

Say,  everybody who is looking for issues in the changelog: would there be
a good way to involve you earlier next time? It seems that before I put a
release out is when I need the most feedback, but also when I have to beg
the most to get it.  Maybe I should get a mail out to tor-talk a day or two
*before* the next release, to better make use of this help.

Happy new years,
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