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[tor-talk] Input and Feedback for Tor stuff (was: Re: Tor is now released!)

01.01.2015, 21:56 Nick Mathewson:
> On Dec 31, 2014 3:03 PM, "Sebastian G. &lt;bastik.tor&gt;" <
> bastik.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> 31.12.2014, 19:27 Nick Mathewson:
>> Happy New Year to everyone.
>> Some stuff could have been called "Minor changes" to silence people that
>> grep for "bugfix" and count the occurrences, although there were no bugs
>> fixed, just changes.
> Yeah, it's often a matter of opinion what to call a bug and what to call a
> missing feature.


> [...]
> Say,  everybody who is looking for issues in the changelog: would there be
> a good way to involve you earlier next time? It seems that before I put a
> release out is when I need the most feedback, but also when I have to beg
> the most to get it.  Maybe I should get a mail out to tor-talk a day or two
> *before* the next release, to better make use of this help.

I was not looking for issues, specifically. I was interested in what the
changes are, not if there are any mistakes. Reading it because of
interest in it will be my primary concern.

I don't know if I would be good at finding mistakes, but the more people
try the better.

Sending a draft to tor-talk would certainly work for me. I'd prefer if
it is obvious that it is a draft. Before you resurrected tor-announce I
saw a change-log on tor-talk and went to the Tor website to download the
latest binary. So saying it's a draft in the subject helps to avoid

Sending to tor-talk would also work, because there are lots of people on it.

How about another list like tor-feedback for general things to review
(e.g no patches, no code, no proposals)? Interested people could
subscribe (I would) and get drafts of the change-log to review for
errors. This could include things like blog entries that have to be
reviewed or the Tor Newsletter in its RC state.

I'm open to other suggestions.

Best Regards,
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