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Re: [tor-talk] [rt.torproject.org #38223] Firefox Web Shortcuts

02.01.2015, 20:29 Michael Fitzpatrick:
> Greetings Tor Talk,
> I am a tor user with a question. I was encouraged by the Tor Project support team to send my question out to you all. 

That is strange. I was under the impression they would know.

Mostly because they are multiple individuals with a lot of combined

>>> I've come across a strange issue that the Firefox team has been unable
>>>    to solve thus far. I've already checked your FAQ and I didn't see
>>>    the answer in there. I'd like to be able to save web links to my
>>>    desktop as shortcuts. In Firefox, this ordinarily works by grabbing
>>>    the icon next to the URL and dragging it to the desktop. However,
>>>    I've discovered that the TorButton (and it alone) extension, when
>>>    enabled, will not allow shortcuts. Every time I drag the URL icon
>>>    from the awesome bar, nothing happens, and a little "can't do it"
>>>    symbol appears on the mouse icon.
>>> Can you tell me why Tor Button prevents saving shortcuts, and what the
>>>    work-around is for this feature? If it's just a design feature, I'd
>>>    recommend removing it on the next update, as I don't see the
>>>    security risks, and it'd be nice to be able to save weblinks as
>>>    desktop shortcuts. Thanks for your feedback!
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Michael

4.1. Proxy Obedience from

Quote Point 3:
<<<<Begin Quote>>>>
External App Blocking and Drag Event Filtering

External apps can be induced to load files that perform network
activity. Unfortunately, there are cases where such apps can be launched
automatically with little to no user input. In order to prevent this,
Torbutton installs a component to provide the user with a popup whenever
the browser attempts to launch a helper app.

Additionally, modern desktops now pre-emptively fetch any URLs in Drag
and Drop events as soon as the drag is initiated. This download happens
independent of the browser's Tor settings, and can be triggered by
something as simple as holding the mouse button down for slightly too
long while clicking on an image link. We filter drag and drop events
events from Torbutton before the OS downloads the URLs the events contained.
<<<<<End Quote>>>>>

The workaround I see is to create shortcuts manually. Obliviously it has
to be ensured TorBrowser handles those shortcut if that is supposed to
be the case. Maybe other's can find better ways.

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