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Re: [tor-talk] [rt.torproject.org #38223] Firefox Web Shortcuts

02.01.2015, 22:23 Michael Fitzpatrick:
> Sebastian, thanks for the great feedback! I'd love to just create
> shortcuts manually, but I'm not sure how to do even that much in the
> Tor Browser. For example, if I right click on a page, there is no
> option to save a shortcut to the desktop. And while I can create
> bookmarks, I cannot shortcut bookmarks either. And I don't see any
> other options to save shortcuts manually, not even in the menu bar.
> It's like the Tor Button scrubs the whole thing. All I've been able
> to do is copy the url's out to a non-Tor browser, and then save the
> shortcut. But that is less than idea, since it exposes my browsing.
> ~Michael

Hi Michael,

what I was suggesting was to craft the shortcut file on the desktop
manually or semi-manually.

I'm lacking the knowledge of how OSes (Linux, Mac, most Windows
versions) handle this.

On Windows 7 you can create a link by right-clicking on the desktop and
select shortcut. It allows to input a URL. Either by typing or by copying.

If OSes inspect drag-and-drop operations I guess they could inspect copy
operations maybe for the purpose of checking if a link is "safe", so
typing would be safer.

Anyway, if I create such a shortcut and double click it afterwards, the
system default browser is opened.

Because of this not seeming to be helpful I was hoping for others to
come up with better ways.

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