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Re: [tor-talk] TBB wants access to port 21

09.01.2015, 13:00 Michal Zuber:
> Hi,
> just wanna ask why TBB wants to access port 21?
> Little Snitch screenshot https://imgur.com/qAs02k7
> -- 
> Best regards
> Michael


that's not a problem if you think it is.

TBB just connects to some entry relay and this particular one listens on
port 21. You can see it on Globe [1] or Atlas.

Tor relays can accept connections on any port they like.

There are people behind restrictive firewalls that just allow to connect
to certain ports. It might be that port 5500 is blocked, but a user can
connect to port 21. Since relays are public, it's not too useful against
adversaries that actually block connections to the Tor network.

Best Regards,

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