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Re: [tor-talk] Giving Hidden Services some love

On Friday 02 January 2015 06:26:34 Thomas White wrote:
> Re: setting up a CA. I done some research on this a while ago after
> bouncing the idea around on IRC and the problem is the legal side of
> things. It will be difficult for Mozilla to accept a CA who would only
> sign for .onion certificates (there is no policy in place but it seems
> the easiest route rather than applying for a full spectrum CA root
> cert include). Even if any of the certificates are granted for that
> org to become a CA you have considerations such as insurance (which I
> do believe is a requirement). I mean it is certainly possible, but it
> would require a huge amount of co-ordinated effort, a contact within
> Mozilla, the proper technical and legal infrastructure etc. I am more
> than happy to advise on such things with what research I have already
> done, but right now I think petitioning the existing CA's who have
> policy influence may be a better route.

How about "Let's encrypt"? Are they willing to sign .onion?



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