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Re: [tor-talk] What relay does really help the TOR project?

Hi Josef,

Exit nodes provide most value to the network, as they will also be able to handle entry and middle traffic.

As for porn: maybe the wiki page on porn legality [1] explains it. Also note that this kind of traffic helps to mask other kinds of Tor traffic, essentially helping the network (not to mention the popularity gain). Oh, and don't forget that the "normal" internet also has quite a high share of this kind of traffic.


[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pornography_by_region

Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner schreef op 16/01/15 om 21:40:
Hello List,

I first heard from TOR after the leaks of snowden and started to read a
lot about TOR but never used it - and I still don't use it (I just don't
have the need for it).
Before christmas I started a tor relay on my dedicated server. To be
clear: Just a normal middle relay with 100 MBit/s advertised and 200
MBit/s burst. While the holidays more and more traffic was going over
the network card.

After a week I decided to increase the speed to 200 MBit/s advertised
A day later I took the reduced exit rules and kicked out some more
ports. So now I'm running an exit relay.

The past days I made some short tcpdump traces to find out what people
use TOR for. Well, it's kind of sad. A short analyse of the hostnames
gave me the result: 80% Porn, 10% site crawling, 5% Wordpress comment
spam and 5% "human" traffic.
I don't get why people use TOR for watching porn.

Now I dived deeper into the TOR architecture. I read that now that I'm
running an exit relay I'm not able to be a normal middle relay (please
tell me if I'm wrong).

Since I'm not willing to help people with my exit relay just to watch
anonymous porn on the web, I would rather help the people inside the
network stay anonymous and speedup the network itself - thus just
running a normal relay. I'm aware that the porn traffic will still be
running through the relay but also the "better"/wanted relay-to-relay

Long story short: What type of relay helps the TOR project more?
Exit-Relay or Middle-relay? Is it really the "job" from TOR to provide
an exit to the normal internet ressources or should the focus be on
hidden services?

Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions,


P.S.: I'm posting this to the normal tor-talk Mailinglist because I want
to catch the opinion from the community and don't have a probleme with
the relay software itself.

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