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Re: [tor-talk] What relay does really help the TOR project?

Hello Chris,

apart from that I'm also running a bridge on a different IP. The point
is really the relay.


Am 16.01.2015 um 21:54 schrieb Chris Dagdigian:
> With that philosophy of yours maybe you'd be better off running an
> unlisted bridge ("bridge relay") ? Those seem aimed squarely at
> helping people evade government censorship and national firewalls. May
> be more close to the type of service you'd like to be providing ?
>> Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner <mailto:hello@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> January 16, 2015 at 3:40 PM
>> Hello List,
>> I first heard from TOR after the leaks of snowden and started to read a
>> lot about TOR but never used it - and I still don't use it (I just don't
>> have the need for it).
>> Before christmas I started a tor relay on my dedicated server. To be
>> clear: Just a normal middle relay with 100 MBit/s advertised and 200
>> MBit/s burst. While the holidays more and more traffic was going over
>> the network card.
>> After a week I decided to increase the speed to 200 MBit/s advertised
>> bandwidth.
>> A day later I took the reduced exit rules and kicked out some more
>> ports. So now I'm running an exit relay.
>> The past days I made some short tcpdump traces to find out what people
>> use TOR for. Well, it's kind of sad. A short analyse of the hostnames
>> gave me the result: 80% Porn, 10% site crawling, 5% Wordpress comment
>> spam and 5% "human" traffic.
>> I don't get why people use TOR for watching porn.
>> Now I dived deeper into the TOR architecture. I read that now that I'm
>> running an exit relay I'm not able to be a normal middle relay (please
>> tell me if I'm wrong).
>> Since I'm not willing to help people with my exit relay just to watch
>> anonymous porn on the web, I would rather help the people inside the
>> network stay anonymous and speedup the network itself - thus just
>> running a normal relay. I'm aware that the porn traffic will still be
>> running through the relay but also the "better"/wanted relay-to-relay
>> traffic.
>> Long story short: What type of relay helps the TOR project more?
>> Exit-Relay or Middle-relay? Is it really the "job" from TOR to provide
>> an exit to the normal internet ressources or should the focus be on
>> hidden services?
>> Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions,
>> Josef
>> P.S.: I'm posting this to the normal tor-talk Mailinglist because I want
>> to catch the opinion from the community and don't have a probleme with
>> the relay software itself.

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