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[tor-talk] Hidden Service Hosting (Free experimental offer)

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Hey all,

So following my other mail, I just want to offer people on this
mailing list a chance to test something out before I go into the wider
public with it.

I have been reviewing some ways in which to offer "hosting" solutions
for hidden services, and although there are ways to do like regular
shared hosting environments by isolating users on an apache server for
example, I feel a little experimental way to give people more freedom
is to assign individual VPS's which are accessed via a separate .onion
over SSH. For example, the HS address would be example1*.onion but to
SSH into it, for security, would use a different address such as
sshaddress*.onion. This ensures no user of the service would know the
true IP of the server it is hosted on and allows for shared
environments without putting others at risk.

If anyone wants to test this out with me, I am offering the VPS for
free for a few weeks/months so I can get the architecture right and
fine tune the setup. All the traffic on the VPS is automatically
routed through Tor so IP leaks won't be a huge problem, but of course
you still maintain responsibility for the security of your machine and
whatever you install on it. The use cases are unlimited but for
obvious reasons it must be legal under British & Swedish law (feel
free to ask beforehand but if it is legal I will defend it to the best
of my ability).

If you'd like to take up this offer and try it out please email me
privately (my key is below). I ask that if you wish to request one,
please mention anything specific like RAM/CPU/Hard disk requirements
(no bandwidth limitations) so I can appropriately assign them. For now
unfortunately only debian installs will be available and nothing
except sshd will come preconfigured on the VPS so if you aren't
familiar with the command line on debian you may not find this useful.
Also any custom onion address you want please keep it to 7 characters
or below for now as my GPU is really on it's last limb after
generating over 1.4 million keys.

I offer no guarantees on the availability of this, nor do I take
responsibility for it, this is an entirely experimental project and I
am hoping any participants take up this offer to perhaps
mirror/reverse proxy their blogs, or of course bring any interesting
ideas to the table. All feedback on it is welcome too :)

Time to give these hidden services some lovin'


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