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[tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone


Thanks for the passionate response, but it seems like you are reconfirming the need for TorPhone. It seems that only by choice this "rule" is followed. Unless it is the nature of an open programming language to write what you want, malicious or not, which I think it is, I certainly do not understand the "backdoor" you are referring to [classification and experience are not requirements to understanding concepts if they are explained clearly]. It seems obvious that if someone can make it, someone can break it. But that doesn't mean we should not pursue better security and freedom than we already have with our mobile devices.

Happy New Year to you, too.


Arxaios haris at arxaios.net wrote:

The first rule , is not my rule at all, is never never been broken for
a lot of years now because this rule gives hackers "the freedom" to test
things. So if you are a programmer you would understand what I am
talking about. Everything is made with this rule ...protocols , programs
electronic devices and so on..!!!

Is not a science fiction nor Orwell .! It is the truth believe it or
not. The INTERNET what matter you do you rely on already build-ed
foundations. Do the math... i am not going to argue on this because it
is pointless.

No system on earth is secure enough by individual needs. Even if you
have the actual code then it is running on a pre-build Operating System
which is already compromised. If that is not enough . the hardware you
are using has hardware in-printed commands which you do not know what
they do ...!!

My point is : NOTHING IS SECURE.

Happy New year.
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