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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Service Hosting (Free experimental, offer)

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Very similar to the setup I have in terms of using one virtual machine
as a Tor gateway for others to connect to via an internal network. My
concern is how well the model will scale and whether it can hold
multiple high traffic hidden services. I am looking around the config
options to see what can be optimised etc.

Question to the tor devs: In the torrc when setting "NumEntryGuards
NUM", does this specify how many guards may be used simultaneously or
only how many from a pool may be rotated between? Any input on how to
speed up the connection (losing a little location anonymity is fine
right now) for hidden services would also be appreciated :)


> I am using another way to solve IP leaks problem. my host-os is
> CentOS and only installed VirtualBox I have 2 virtual machines
> running on the host-os the first one is a CentOS with 2 network
> adapter, one is NAT , another is Internal(ip: it
> running Tor and ShadowSocks(bypass GFW) , Tor through ShadowSocks
> and listen on (Internal Adapter)
> Another is also CentOS and running apache, only one network 
> adapter(Internal ip: when this virutal machine wants
> to access internet , must set socks5 proxy to so
> even this VM gets hacked, the attacker still can't know the real
> IP....
> 2015-01-03 6:21 GMT+08:00 Larry Brandt <lbrandt@xxxxxxx>:
>> I'm interested but a slow mover.  Work sometimes gets in my way.
>> I am putting together pages for a hidden site but I don't think I
>> can be ready to put it on line til month's end.  It will be a
>> legal site everywhere. This is a wonderful offer Thomas.  Hope
>> someone takes you up on it. Larry Brandt
>> Just wanted to point out that I think it's awesome Thomas is
>> doing this! Buy him a beer if you see him.
>> Tom
>> Thomas White schreef op 02/01/15 om 09:42:
>> Hey all,
>>> So following my other mail, I just want to offer people on
>>> this mailing list a chance to test something out before I go
>>> into the wider public with it.
>>> I have been reviewing some ways in which to offer "hosting"
>>> solutions for hidden services, and although there are ways to
>>> do like regular shared hosting environments by isolating users
>>> on an apache server for example, I feel a little experimental
>>> way to give people more freedom is to assign individual VPS's
>>> which are accessed via a separate .onion over SSH. For example,
>>> the HS address would be example1*.onion but to SSH into it, for
>>> security, would use a different address such as 
>>> sshaddress*.onion. This ensures no user of the service would
>>> know the true IP of the server it is hosted on and allows for
>>> shared environments without putting others at risk.
>>> If anyone wants to test this out with me, I am offering the VPS
>>> for free for a few weeks/months so I can get the architecture
>>> right and fine tune the setup. All the traffic on the VPS is
>>> automatically routed through Tor so IP leaks won't be a huge
>>> problem, but of course you still maintain responsibility for
>>> the security of your machine and whatever you install on it.
>>> The use cases are unlimited but for obvious reasons it must be
>>> legal under British & Swedish law (feel free to ask beforehand
>>> but if it is legal I will defend it to the best of my
>>> ability).
>>> If you'd like to take up this offer and try it out please email
>>> me privately (my key is below). I ask that if you wish to
>>> request one, please mention anything specific like RAM/CPU/Hard
>>> disk requirements (no bandwidth limitations) so I can
>>> appropriately assign them. For now unfortunately only debian
>>> installs will be available and nothing except sshd will come
>>> preconfigured on the VPS so if you aren't familiar with the
>>> command line on debian you may not find this useful. Also any
>>> custom onion address you want please keep it to 7 characters or
>>> below for now as my GPU is really on it's last limb after 
>>> generating over 1.4 million keys.
>>> I offer no guarantees on the availability of this, nor do I
>>> take responsibility for it, this is an entirely experimental
>>> project and I am hoping any participants take up this offer to
>>> perhaps mirror/reverse proxy their blogs, or of course bring
>>> any interesting ideas to the table. All feedback on it is
>>> welcome too
>>> Time to give these hidden services some lovin'
>>> Regards, T
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