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[tor-talk] Promote Tor and Hidden Services as an anti-corruption tool for law enforcement agencies and others

Here is my idea:

In order to strengthen the diversity of Tor users and to emphasize a good use case of Tor and Hidden Services, we could promote it as an anti-corruption and crime reporting tool for law enforcement agencies and large corporations.

Here is the use case:

A law enforcement agency or a large corporation sets up a Tor Hidden Service like SecureDrop to enable secure reporting of corruption and any other serious and organized crimes.

Many large (multinational) corporations encourage their employees to report corruption, fraud and other forms of wrongdoing committed by insiders.

Also many governmental and public authorities as well as law enforcement agencies are interested in external and internal tips on corruption et cetera.

Sometimes, members of criminal groups engaging in organized crime want to exit those groups and end their own criminal career.

At the same time, insiders working for governmental and public authorities want to report cases of corruption to law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, a Tor and Hidden Services based reporting tool similar to SecureDrop could help track down and bring to justice criminals by providing a secure channel for people willing to report such crimes.

Here is my vision:

It would be amazing to see reconstructing and reframing the old and busted "Tor helps criminals" narrative into "Tor helps fight corruption and organized crime".

Apart from promoting the reporting tool as a real solution to law enforcement agencies and other interested parties, this use case highlights - as a side-effect - why we need Tor and Hidden Services for the good. This could contribute to a better image of Tor and Hidden Services in the media and the general public.

As a goal, the Tor and Hidden Services based reporting tool could become THE standard and state-of-the-art reporting tool for law enforcement agencies, governmental and public authorities and large corporations all over the world.

What do you think about my idea?
What do we need to realize it?

Your feedback will be very much appreciated.
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