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Re: [tor-talk] orc- Onion Router Control in Go

sycamoreone transcribed 0.6K bytes:
> Hi,
> I recently started to implement parts of the Tor control protocol in Go.
> The result for now is a thin abstraction layer that still might be
> useful if somebody wants to use the control protocol from within a Go
> program.
> The code is at https://github.com/sycamoreone/orc
> I do have some ideas for a higher-level interface, but no fixed plan
> yet. The next step will probably be to add net/http like handlerFuncs to
> handle (asynchronous) replies from the onion router.
> Cheers!


This looks like a pretty good start so far!  I'm looking forward to seeing
further development on this.  For what it's worth, I think there were some
other people vaguely hacking on Tor ControlPort libraries in Go; perhaps they
will speak up and you all can work together. :)

Thanks for starting this effort!
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