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Re: [tor-talk] are there privacy benefits of running a bridge node?

Virgil Griffith transcribed 0.9K bytes:
> yeah I figured.  Just checking.
> -V

The super high-bandwidth Bridges with really good uptime which are included in
TBB have many thousands of clients, and push terabytes of traffic.  So, if you
ran a Bridge like those, then you might see some additional privacy benefits
under some certain circumstances depending on how you sent your own traffic
through the bridge.

Unless you're not really going for maximal privacy, and just going for what I
like to call "throwing some chaos into it"âââwherein you just do the maximal
amount of crazy at all times in a half-assed effort to deter/confuse/annoy
adversaries. :)

 ââ isis agora lovecruft
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