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Re: [tor-talk] are there privacy benefits of running a bridge node?

Virgil Griffith wrote
>  For example, if you run an exit node, your regular traffic is
>  by exit traffic also coming from your ip#

I'm not sure I would call that use case more private. An observer
categorize your traffic incoming from an intermediary relay and time
traffic with outgoing traffic. The same observer could perform a
attack on your exit and use that result to make differentiation more

isis wrote
>  So, if you ran a Bridge like those, then you might see some
>  privacy benefits under some certain circumstances depending on how 
>  you sent your own traffic through the bridge.

Such as? The only two I can see are that you would know, assuming
that you can trust the zeroth, and first-hop. That and if you support
PT on the
bridge you might consider that to be more resistant to analysis.
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