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Re: [tor-talk] Giving Hidden Services some love

I've also gotten nowhere with Erowid setting up a HS, they seemed supportive but have not contacted me in over a week. 

On January 10, 2015 5:12:11 PM EST, Katya Titov <kattitov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Katya Titov:
>> Colin Mahns:
>>> I'm wondering if a few from the community should take part in a
>>> nagging effort? I'd gladly throw some time of mine into helping get
>>> more hidden services. Any takers?
>> I'll help.
>Attempts to far have failed.
>I've tried to get in touch with Google and Wikipedia to no avail.
>I've also had some dialogue with arXiv but have not been able to stop
>them blocking Tor. No, wait ... today I'm getting some successful
>connections with an occasional "Access Denied" page, whereas previously
>there was just nothing (timeout).
>So some minor success, although not with hidden services.
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