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[tor-talk] Open link from command line in running tor browser


This might be the wrong place to ask this but I looked at https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo
and could not find a more suitable list. Please direct me away if I'm in the wrong place.

I also suspect that this might be a little stupid but here we go.

I'm running debian and I've got very used to open urls from command line by something like '$ iceweasel www.site.su'
and then iceweasel opens the site in a new tab.Now I'm slowly migrating to using tor browser as my standard browser and 
I really miss this feature.

When trying the same "trick" out of the box then I just get an error saying that firefox is already running.

Is is possible to tweak tor brower in some way to make this work?


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