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Re: [tor-talk] force apt-get & yum updates through tor?

Sun, 18 Jan 2015 18:23:29 -0500 tarihinde
<BM-2cTjsegDfZQNGQWUQjSwro6jrWLC9B3MN3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> yazmış:

> Alternatively, does anyone know a clean way to force all traffic
> through tor?

For Debian:

1-Set up poplipo as a local proxyserver running on

2-Set polipo as system wide proxy for all suc as given below:

# echo "http_proxy=";; >> /etc/environment


 echo "https_proxy=http://localhost:3128/";; >> /etc/environment

3-If necessary define proxy adresss:port for all user accounts vie
".profile" file

4-Run synaptics annd define proxy as I failed
via /etc/apt/etc_stuff configuration. Configuration via synaptics works!

5-Add tor repo to sources.list as it is desribed in Tor Configuration


Run Tor. You are done.
Gökşin Akdeniz <goksin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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