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Re: [tor-talk] force apt-get & yum updates through tor?

On 01/18/2015 15:23, BM-2cTjsegDfZQNGQWUQjSwro6jrWLC9B3MN3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm wondering what the best way to force yum and apt-get through tor
is, in fedora 21 and debian 7.7 respectivly. Are any of the following
least likely to produce dns or other leaks, or considered safest?

The only way to be sure there are no leaks is to run the whole OS in VM that has no internet access but through Tor.
I used two ways to achieve this:
1. Use Whonix gateway to connect your VM. This requires another VM running, but is very easy to set up. 2. Use combination of tor setup (TransListenAddress and DNSListenAddress), and firewall rules to direct traffic from your VM on its own virtual net to Tor running on the host.

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