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Re: [tor-talk] force apt-get & yum updates through tor? - don't use polipo

On 1/18/15, Thom Miller <thom@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> I'm using your OPTION 3 on a Debian Wheezy system and it's working for
> me. I sometimes get a bad package (didn't download properly) and I have
> to remove it and re-download it...

don't use polipo, it has trouble with very large downloads.

better to use a different type of proxy like privoxy or torsocks or
python socks wrapper or transparent Tor gateway or ...

in a different benchmark, (fy2014 corpus of cryptome and other)
 best performance is aria2c with 18 concurrent connections across 9
onions / 3 servers.
  you can configure package downloads from mirrors this way, too.

[ usually, don't need to dial these this aggressive, just resume after
failure and confirm digests once retrieved. ]

best regards,
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