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[tor-talk] Cloudfare reflares

I see no benefit from having this man in the middle. The sites are public, so is their content. If the publishers want protection from the public, they should stay offline. Infinite loop of sadness :(

Besides, robots are people, too.


grarpamp grarpamp[at]gmail.com:
Wow, these tweetstreams and reaffirmations towards
Tor by Cloudflare are highly commendable. Ok thanks.

zaki zaki[at]manian.org
Ryan Lackey says they are working on it.


Mirimir mirimir[at]riseup.net:
Same here.

Even when the solution is clear and unambiguous, Cloudflare is often not
accepting it. Sometimes I've been getting 404 errors from Nginx.

JT Allison tor[at]arlen.io:
They've been trying new stuff today.



grarpamp grarpamp[at]gmail.com:
Someone here previously mentioned cloudflare
was easing up their mechanism.
I'm recently seeing a return of the extremely difficult
to repeatedly unsolvable captchas.

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