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Re: [tor-talk] Problems with TBB in Qubes and whonix in Qubes

On 2015-01-23 2:35 pm, georgeorwellhardwired@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
My second problem is with whonix work station in qubes.
Step number four in this guide it won't extract the libvirt to IMG files.

Hope you can help me with these problems.

Hi George,

I wrote the Whonix install guide you're using.

Make sure you're in the directory where your Whonix .libvirt.xz files are.

Step #4 is just for extracting out the .qcow2 and supporting files.

Later, in step #6, the .qcow2 images are converted to .img images.

Hopefully you've got it resolved by now.

A few additional notes about Qubes + Whonix...

- Dedicated Forum:

We have a dedicated support forum for Qubes + Whonix, where more personal assistance can be given.

- Whonix Upgrade:

Whonix 9.6 is going to replace 9.4 any day now, due to an update key error inside 9.4. Whonix 9.6 is uploaded to the download mirror for testers, so you can use that now instead of 9.4 if you please, which may help you out.

- New Platform:

The HVM instructions you are currently using are in the process of being obsoleted, as we have a brand new, greatly improved, native Qubes + Whonix platform. It uses a streamlined native ProxyVM + AppVM architecture, compared to the old limited dual HVM setup. It is currently being leak tested and banged on for the first time, but is publicly available, and several people are using it already, if you wanted to start using it now. The install process of the new Qubes + Whonix is much much easier too.

More info on the Forum & Wiki. :)

- https://www.whonix.org/forum/Qubes
- https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes

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