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[tor-talk] Problems with TBB in Qubes and whonix in Qubes

Dear tor talk mail list.

I have a problem with trying to install TBB in Qubes, I used Micahf Lee's guide: https://micahflee.com/2014/05/using-tor-browser-launcher-in-qubes/

And almost everything worked fine, got TBB build in VM. But when I use the sudo yum install QubesIncoming/tbl-builder/torbrowser-launcher-*-1.noarch.rpm script, it says No package QubesIncoming/tbl-builder/torbrowser-launcher-*-1.noarch.rpm avaible. Everything up to then worked fine. Any suggestions to whats wrong?

My second problem is with whonix work station in qubes. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes Step number four in this guide it won't extract the libvirt to IMG files.

Hope you can help me with these problems.
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