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Re: [tor-talk] Tor -> VPN Clarification

> Hello,
> Relative newbie here, and I was wondering if someone could help me 
> with something please. I keep seeing people describing connections to
> the Tor and is VPN connections in the following two ways:
> Tor -> VPN
> VPN -> Tor

It is perhaps better described as Tor over VPN and vice-versa.

> So if I fire up Tunnelblick, connect to my VPN provider and then
> open TBB which of the above does this describe?  And also, is there
> a recommended way of connecting these two technologies?

I believe this is Tor over VPN which is safe, similar to using a proxy
or Tor bridge to connect to the Tor network.

> Another thing I've noticed is in the Tunnelblick client that there is
> an option to connect to a Socks5 proxy, this suggests to me that I
> can send the VPN connection through the Tor network.  But I am 
> confused as to why one would want to do this, and what the 
> benefits/disadvantages might be?

If you wanted to be pseudonymous to your VPN then this would enable it,
although you would not be anonymous on the internet, only pseudonymous
at most. It is prone to unmasking if you connect your personal
information to the VPN at any time.

Hope that helps!


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