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Re: [tor-talk] Running TBB with a remote tor process

"grarpamp" wrote:
>>Lara wrote:
>>I have a OpenWRT router. And I can install tor on that. I would like
>>have a middle relay. Can I hook up my TBB (computer linked over
wifi) to
>>that tor session? Is it a bad idea? It would be on the same

>TBB likely deploys and expects a specific torrc, and likely
>makes use of the tor controller. So long as you evaluate
>those parameters for the tor on the wrt when repointing tbb,
>things should be fine. TBB also starts up tor locally, etc. So
>you may have to hack at things to use just the enhanced
>FF component of TBB.

... and access  to the control port and socks port occurs in the
clear. You'll want to  secure them or you'll need to trust anyone else
on the same subnet  doesn't snoop. You could introduce another layer
of encryption using SSH  to provide security. As far as using the
process for browsing--do you trust the other systems on the subnet not
to  snoop on encrypted traffic. This will influence the cipher
strength used--and did that extra layer of encryption gain you
anything besides  installation complexity? 

Regarding using the tor relay as a client you might find the following
to be interesting reads.


-- leeroy
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