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Re: [tor-talk] OFTC semi-permanent Tor Blocking

Patrick Schleizer:
> sajolida:
>> Patrick Schleizer:
>>> Please suggest Tor-friendly IRC networks.
>>> Ideally ones, that would welcome the Tor community and actively
>>> ensure/prioritize keeping it functional for Tor users.
>> In Tails, we're moving our meetings to xmpp://conference.riseup.net.
> Do you use it as developer to developer only chat?
> Or do you use it as public chat room / IRC replacement also?

So far we use it for our main developer to developer chat room
(tails-dev). But anybody can join.

At some point we'd also like to replace the #tails@xxxxxxxxxxxx chat
room that is preconfigured in Pidgin in Tails [1]. Which means that
anybody who opens Tails can get in there in one click. That's used a lot
for user support, random questions, etc.

This cannot be moved to conference.riseup.net as we need XMPP accounts
to be generated on the fly, as people boot Tails a new account should be
generated. I'm not sure this is possible with XMPP or if any server
offers this.

If you know of any solution to that, please tell us!
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