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Re: [tor-talk] Help me secure my setup

Aeris <aeris+tor@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Let your network gateway (or each PC) forward all outgoing traffic (or only 
> traffic to Tor node, with iptables + ipset) through your VPN.

I used a different approach - I used Socks5Proxy option in tor and set up 
a small socks proxy on a server that listens on the VPN end (using ssh 
with -D option). So my tor on home router listens on its SocksPort and 
communicates with the external world using another socks proxy through the 
VPN. I filtered all other traffic.

Seems to work for now...

> And use the normal way a normal Tor client per PC, configuring all your 
> application to use the standard (and local this time) SOCKS5 proxy or do 
> transparent proxying to (local) Trans/DNSPort.

My PC is not turned on 24/7 (router and server are) and as I mentioned 
before, I prefer to have a client constantly running, as I don't want to 
give out a correlation between time of starting the client and time of my 
Tor activities.


Oskar Wendel, o.wendel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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