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Re: [tor-talk] transparent tor routers

> Hardware offering Tor routing is becoming very cheap and I think it's
> time to reexamine what we can do with it. 
> If you want to play, here is some hardware I recently bought that can
> run Tor firmware:
> http://www.amazon.com/GL-AR150-router-150Mbps-OpenWrt-Pre-installed/dp/B015C
> YDVG8/

Not so simple.

As explain in private, you *need* to avoid Tor inside Tor.
So you need some smart firewall, based on ipset generated from the consensus, 
to route Tor connection directly and proxify everything else, or multiple 
access point and ESSID to discriminate usage.

And in this case, cheap routers with OpenWRT have nor enough memory nor CPU to 
manage properly those corner cases.
For example, Tor ipset loading already takes few minutes on a Olimex A20 Lime 
(512MB DDR3 + dual core 1GHz), I canât imagine decent/usable perf on a AR150 
(64MB DDR + 400MHz).

You also need some basic Tor configuration web UI (bridge, firewalled portâ) 
adapted for not-savy users.
No enough place on tiny routerâ

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