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Re: [tor-talk] observed bandwidth too low

Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello!
> Recently the speed of my vdsl line was upgraded so I allotted a higher
> bandwidth to tor.
> When I observe my node on atlas.torproject.org though, I see a
> significantly lower observed bandwidth than the configured bandwidth
> limits or even the actual available bandwidth.
> I did adjust the traffic shaping to the new bandwidth situation and the
> uplink is not nearly saturated.
> How can I find the cause of this low bandwidth observation?
> Kind regards,
> Udo

Did you get to the bottom of this? I'm in the same situation: after
cranking up the bandwidth, the effect rather seemed to be the opposite.

Here's the relevant config

   RelayBandwidthRate 1000 KBytes  # Throttle traffic
   RelayBandwidthBurst 2000 KBytes # But allow bursts

but I'm listed for only 91 KB at https://atlas.torproject.org/

The log shows no problems and I *did* restart my tor after changing
config :-)

BjÃrn WirÃn

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