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Re: [tor-talk] Escape NSA just to enter commercial surveillance?

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 05:58:50PM +0100, Markus Hitter wrote:
> On 32C3 a few weeks ago ...
> https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7322-tor_onion_services_more_useful_than_you_think
> ... Roger cheered a lot about Facebook offering a hidden service.
> To be honest, this surprises me quite a bit. Tor is for anonymisation,
> so one can escape tax paid surveillance by NSA, GCHQ & Co., which is
> useful. And then such a Tor user connects to Facebook, where one has to
> log in, making this anonymisation completely pointless? At least I don't
> get the point.
> Even assuming that Facebook doesn't regularly exchange user data with
> NSA, this makes mass surveillance trivial. Useful, welcome, or not,
> Facebook does mass surveillance on its own, as stated business practice.
> Also, I'm pretty sure if another Manning-like case appears, NSA would
> immediately command Facebook to offer the related user identification.
> If there's cheering about Facebook hidden services, shouldn't always a
> note be added that logging in there identifies a user, making Tor
> (almost) pointless?

I'm absolutly agree with this point of view. Even more, in today world,
I think, greatest danger *for most people* comes from corporations like 
Google, Facebook, Twitter etc whose money - our privacy, not from NSA/GCHQ/FSB/...

The latter, in theory, in democratic countries, called to serve the good
of the people. The first - serve their pockets.

I think, in crypto-privacy-tor-i2p-... communities this problem is very
underrated. The main enemy - NSA & Co., not the companies whose main goals
are our desires, preferences, dreams, pain and suffering - those things 
through which we easily manipulated.

Facebook and Co. have enough power and money to manipulate/lobby their
interests. I don't think they need any support from Tor developers.
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