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[tor-talk] Escape NSA just to enter commercial surveillance?

On 32C3 a few weeks ago ...


... Roger cheered a lot about Facebook offering a hidden service.

To be honest, this surprises me quite a bit. Tor is for anonymisation,
so one can escape tax paid surveillance by NSA, GCHQ & Co., which is
useful. And then such a Tor user connects to Facebook, where one has to
log in, making this anonymisation completely pointless? At least I don't
get the point.

Even assuming that Facebook doesn't regularly exchange user data with
NSA, this makes mass surveillance trivial. Useful, welcome, or not,
Facebook does mass surveillance on its own, as stated business practice.
Also, I'm pretty sure if another Manning-like case appears, NSA would
immediately command Facebook to offer the related user identification.

If there's cheering about Facebook hidden services, shouldn't always a
note be added that logging in there identifies a user, making Tor
(almost) pointless?


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