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[tor-talk] Kernel OOPS through Tor - report or ignore?

Hej guys,

my Tor node crashed a few days ago. After I noticed the downtime
and connected to it, I found the linux kernel oops and left it
there since it seems debugging is still possible to some extent.

Message indicates that the problem was indeed Tor related,
the system is running on ARM.

Does it make sense to report the content of the oops notice and
if yes - would it help to let the system alone in this state in
case somebody comes up with further questions and certain commands
that may bring deeper insight, or is it better to just reboot the
node and continue the operation?

I'm asking because I'm not sure how "interesting" such information
may be .. not being a kernel guy at all reminds me of typical
Windows BlueScreens spewing out memory allocation ranges - nice
to have that information as a Windows Kernel Developer maybe, but
not for the usual userspace developer - so if its not worth the
wait, I'd better get the node up and doing some work again ;-)

Sanx for your input,


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