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Re: [tor-talk] Kernel OOPS through Tor - report or ignore?

grarpamp wrote:
Neither should happen, so people should report them.

:-) Okay.

grarpamp wrote:
Then if it gets us closer to onioncat v2, sure ;)

As long as we don't come up with a proper solution for
handling the proposed changes to the onion key
(aka. making it longer than 80 bits) there will be no
such thing as there are too many pitfalls ... but
I guess afraid that's another story :P

Ken Cline wrote:
Check for other causes before reporting:  Is the software (OS kernel &
extensions in this case) up to date?  Is there a hardware error?  I
reported a Tor crash, only to find it was caused by a failing disk.

I'll definitely do that, ... don't trust that raspberry pi 2 anyway :)

Ken Cline wrote:
Creo, It sounds like you have a crash recovery utility running.  If
so, save the crash dump and reboot.  You can send the dump in or wait
to see if it happens a second time.

Not on purpose - it's not a Kernel panic, just an oops, which threw me
into a kdb session, giving me debug opportunities I can not take any
advantage of because my pure lack of knowledge :-) But it's never too
late to learn something new I guess :P

Thanks for your input guys :)
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