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Re: [tor-talk] Using VPN less safe?

Do u mean a vpn to tor? Or first tor then a vpn?

Oskar Wendel <o.wendel@xxxxx> skrev: (24 januari 2016 12:04:30 CET)
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>Today I thought about something...
>Let's assume that attacker (government) seizes the hidden service and 
>wants to run it and deanonymize its users with traffic correlation.
>Attacker could easily tap into major VPN providers traffic and try to 
>correlate their traffic with hidden service traffic. And there are
>VPN providers than Tor entry guards (and much less than home
>around the globe).
>Does it mean that routing Tor through a commercial VPN could actually 
>lower the security, compared to routing Tor directly through a home 
>connection? It's in contrast with what many say, that you should use 
>a commercial VPN for extra security.
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