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Re: [tor-talk] Using VPN less safe?

Well i never liked vpn , like for example in the US the police can force the vpn provider to give out info without the vpn provider telling the client/customer about it, so u need to put alot of trust in these vpn providers, i am acctually developing a better solution but its only in beta and i havent got it to work 100% , but IF u want a vpn think like this , is this person who is hosting my vpn ready to go to jail for me? Some vpn providers provide logless vpn which is the best ofc , but yeah u need a non US provider and some u trust 

Oskar Wendel <o.wendel@xxxxx> skrev: (24 januari 2016 12:48:57 CET)
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>Flipchan <flipchan@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Do u mean a vpn to tor? Or first tor then a vpn?
>Tor over VPN. So we first purchase a VPN and then make Tor use it to 
>connect to the first hop.
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