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[tor-talk] New hidden service operators mailing list: [tor-onions]


we would like to inform you of [tor-onions], a new mailing list that we just
launched: https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-onions

The idea is that it will become a place to discuss anything about operating and
administrating hidden services. We figured that with all these websites and
organizations setting up hidden services lately it would be nice if there was a
place for them to ask questions and get feedback on how to set up their
infrastructure in the best way, and also for us to keep them informed of the
newest developments in hidden services.  For example, it's a fine venue for
hidden service operators to ask questions about setting up hidden services at
scale, or embedding them in applications and the mobile, or figuring out why
your hidden service authentication does not work.

It is strictly a technical mailing list in the sense that discussing the
content of hidden services is considered out of scope.

You can think of it as [tor-relays] but for hidden service operators instead of
relay operators.

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