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[tor-talk] [GetTor] Simple way of getting Tor countering TorProject.org and its mirrors censorship using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine


I've found a very neat way (which seems to work) for getting Tor in areas/network in which TorProject.org and its mirrors are blocked using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (assuming archive.org isn't blocked, which may not be the case for China, but it is for many other countries that block Tor).

One should first save the torproject.org main website using,



Then one should locate the URL of the download page, and save it using,




Then clicking on "Download" button should load the download process and FF says that the download's URL comes from archive.org, in other words one should block archive.org for this method to not work.

 Here's the github page on that: https://github.com/TheTorProject/gettor/issues/16

What do you think about this method? Do you have any other suggestions for improving it?

 Happy new year!


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