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[tor-talk] Browserspy knows my computer time

How does Browserspy.dk get the correct local time & time zone from TBB 6.08 on my PC? I don't have any addons (other than default) and no plugins. They'd have to get it somewhere else in TBB or Windows is leaking it?

http://browserspy.dk/date.php shows GMT offset of +0000 that TBB spoofs, & the current time in that zone.

Then has a line: "Locale String 1/9/2017, x:xx:xx AM (PM)," which was my computer clock's exact time.

Below that there's a string: "Milliseconds since January 1, 1970" with a 13 digit number - milliseconds since Epoch (Unix).

Finally, it shows "Time on your PC," that was my computer clock's exact date and time.

Browserspy also showed the difference between their server time and my PC, down to a few seconds.

I couldn't find a similar string in TBB files' contents in all its folders (even the string's 1st 6 numbers) w/ a fast search tool, immediately after getting a new time from the site. But it may not accurately find file content in so many folder levels.
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