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Re: [tor-talk] Compiling tor: use of --with-zlib-dir

> I downloaded the current Zlib source code, compiled it and installed it
> to its own directory.  I then compiled tor  using
> --with-zlib-dir=$MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB to configure it.  While I saw
> references to $MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB in the Makefile (I am nowhere near fluent
> with Makefiles so I could only look for presence/absence of this data
> rather than analyzing what is actually being done with it), the actual
> binary ended up linked against the system Zlib, as shown by both the
> Zlib version number reported by tor and by the output of ldd.  If I
> *also* used --enable-static-zlib then the newly compiled Zlib was used.
> I verified that $MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB contained both libz.a and libz.so
> (symlink pointing to libz.so.1.2.10).
> Is this expected behavior?  Am I doing something wrong?  Should I file a
> bug report?

Yes, it is. `--with-zlib-dir` works only if either
`--enable-static-zlib` or `--enable-static-tor` is set. This options are
meant to be for solely for *static* linking.

For dynamic linking you may want to tune LDFLAGS variable or `--libdir`

Ivan Markin
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