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[tor-talk] Compiling tor: use of --with-zlib-dir

Hi All,

I downloaded the current Zlib source code, compiled it and installed it
to its own directory.  I then compiled tor  using
--with-zlib-dir=$MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB to configure it.  While I saw
references to $MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB in the Makefile (I am nowhere near fluent
with Makefiles so I could only look for presence/absence of this data
rather than analyzing what is actually being done with it), the actual
binary ended up linked against the system Zlib, as shown by both the
Zlib version number reported by tor and by the output of ldd.  If I
*also* used --enable-static-zlib then the newly compiled Zlib was used.
I verified that $MY_PATH_TO_ZLIB contained both libz.a and libz.so
(symlink pointing to libz.so.1.2.10).

Is this expected behavior?  Am I doing something wrong?  Should I file a
bug report?



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