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[tor-talk] Will enabling extensions.torbutton.resize_windows; true have a downside?

In TBB 6.08, there's a torbutton pref in about:config - "extensions.torbutton.resize_windows" = false, by default.
I understand it's enabled in TBB 6.5a (maybe not).

The resizing of my screen height in 6.08 is sketchy. But if I enable the pref above, seems to make height resizing consistent to an even multiple of 100. I wonder if there are undocumented issues with turning it on in v6.08? If there's good reason to leave it off in this version, even though it seems to improve resizing for me?

Question 2: There's tons of discussion on sites detecting *installed fonts* in browsers & TBB's efforts to prevent it, or just present a fixed, short list of fonts. Has anyone seen reputable data about sites detecting the named *serif font,* its size or the "minimum font size" in TBB?

Whether sites (that care) can detect if you changed the default Times New Roman font - size 16? I've found almost nothing on that. Secondly, the default setting in Content> Advanced, for "minimum font size - None" can wreak havoc on me if "Allow pages to choose their own fonts..." is also left checked (default). I wonder if they can detect that you've changed minimum font size to something reasonable, like 13 - 14?

When pages use very small fonts & there's no lower limit in TBB, it can be unreadable. At some point, I may have to concede letting them detect I've made a font size change, or just not read some pages. But, it's been 2 yrs for many that screen height resizing didn't work correctly & apparently that wasn't a giant concern.
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