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[tor-talk] TBB 6.5 screen resize not working

With default settings, TBB 6.5 (Win) doesn't round screen sizes at all.
Browserspy.dk shows 993 x 695. I see the pref "extensions.torbutton.resize_windows" is still set false by default. Toggling it to true gives different reported screen size, but not increments of 100 or 200.

The pref "extensions.torbutton.resize_new_windows" = true (default), but I don't find toggling both these prefs in any combo correctly rounds screen size.

In TBB 6.08, when I tested setting "extensions.torbutton.resize_windows" = true, it consistently rounded screens to 1000 x 800 on this monitor. With that pref at default False in v6.08, reported screen height was odd size - like 72x (x not 0). But the width was *still 1000.*

In v6.5, neither width or height is rounded correctly, regardless of the pref value. What happened? I thought 6.5 was supposed to fix screen size rounding?

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