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[tor-talk] TBB initial default UI size overlaps Win task bar

Key words are "initial default UI size."
Like many, I've had problems with TBB spoofing the correct screen sizes to sites like browserspy.dk & panopticlick.eff.org. The https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/9268 - about TBB screen sizing (rounding, spoofing) says it's closed.

Mike P. commented in #9268, "This bug has drifted. I think we should open new bugs for remaining issues with the rounding code that aren't quite a mismash of ancient issues and dead code. Current related bugs that will remain open are #14098 <https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/14098>, #14429 <https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/14429>." I don't know where to add my findings.

I read through the other 2 (a lot there). Most details either don't seem to apply in my case, or described behavior isn't what I'm experiencing (exactly).

Today, D/L clean 6.0.8 (Win).  Installed clean in new folder.
Left all default settings - didn't even change NoScript settings, for screen size testing.

1st time started TBB, the *vertical* ht (total) exceeded my 22" WS monitor - went below Vista's taskbar, by about 27 - 30 px. My taskbar is "stock" - never resized it - it's ~ 3/8" high. The very top TBB's border was perfectly aligned w/ top of my monitor. Browserspy reported screen size as 1000 px W x about 9xx px H (not an even number).

To see how far TBB went below the task bar, I unchecked "keep taskbar on top of applications." Surprise, when I re-enabled that option, the TBB screen height suddenly "resized" its height to fit perfectly between top of monitor & top edge of task bar. I restarted TBB - again it went below the task bar. Disabled / re-enabled the taskbar to stay on top & again TBB's height adjusted to fit between the taskbar & top of monitor.

Then... I restarted TBB again. This time TBB's bottom border was ~ 7/16" *above* the taskbar, with top border still aligned to top of monitor. Then Browserspy reported 1000 px W by 729 "available height" (what ever that means).

1) Does anyone using Windows ever see TBB width AND height reported as even numbers - or multiples of 100? If so, what site or tool is reporting that?

2) For those seeing even H & W multiples, is your TBB usable screen area *actually* square, or is that just what TBB reports to sites? My TBB *actual* usable screen is 3" wider than tall. That's between inside of L & R borders; btwn bottom of Nav bar & top of taskbar.

3) Except for amazing coincidence, I'm guessing TBB's total height would never perfectly fill the space between monitor's top & taskbar's top edge (and expect a multiple of 100).

4) What's TBB's spoofed screen W : H ratio *supposed to be* (now)? X by X, in multiples of 100? So, square? I can't keep up w/ all the changes.

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