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[tor-talk] Tor segregation

Went to a site (won't list the URL because it's health related) & the short notice appeared:
"Not Implemented Tor IP not allowed."  They BWT'd me - browsing with Tor.

However, got a new circuit & page loaded immediately. Obviously, the exit relay's IPa was blocked. The message was technically correct, but seems like sites could do a little better job explaining that it's (usually) a select few black listed addresses. This was a large, national organization that understands people actually needing privacy. It's one of their main promises to everyone dealing with their organization.

I understand sites having to protect themselves, but there's a lot of mainstream public education to be done about legitimate uses for Tor. The majority of Tor news coverage from sources that are more likely to reach the general public seems to be negative. As long as that's true, Tor will continue to be harder to use - attracting fewer new users. The average citizen or even average CEO doesn't read The Guardian or similar sites that might run positive stories about Tor.
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